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Parchis: A journey of excitement into two worlds

Discover Parchis: a captivating board game that combines two worlds of excitement - classic backgammon and Parchis.


  • Ignites excitement: roll the dice, take risks and win, because victory depends on your skill and a bit of luck.
  • Immerses you in the atmosphere: the game board with hand-carving and burning creates an atmosphere of excitement and coziness.
  • Provides double the pleasure: play both Parchis and classic backgammon, enjoying two different but equally exciting games.
  • Brings people together: Parchis is a great way to have fun with friends and family.


  • Foldable game board: 60x30 cm, convenient for storage and transportation.
  • Two in one: Parchis + classic backgammon.
  • Exclusive design: hand-carving and burning give the game a unique charm.
  • High quality: made of high-quality materials that will last you for years.


  • Perfect gift: for fans of board games and excitement.
  • A wonderful way to spend time: with friends, family or in a family circle.
  • A hobby for many years: Parchis is a game that you will never get bored of.

Order Parchis now and open up the world of excitement and passion!

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere: the game board with hand-carving and burning creates an atmosphere of excitement and coziness.


  • Foldable game board (1 pc)
  • Parchis game chips (4 pcs of 4 colors)
  • Backgammon chips (15+15 of 2 colors)
  • Dice (2 pcs)


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Board game Parchis, Ludo, 60×60 cm, art. 198018

In stock
SKU: 198018
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Type Backgammon
Board material Wood
The weight 3.5 kg
Board length 600 mm
Board width 600 mm
Pieces material Wood
Pieces lining Fetr
Feature Handmade
Сountry of origin Ukraine
Condition New

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