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Elegant, practical, and modern ash wood backgammon «Zodiac: Pisces» - this is:

  • A wonderful and pleasant gift:  
    • for a professional backgammon player, an amateur, or someone who doesn't yet know how to play
    • for a brother, husband, father, colleague, or boss
    • for a special occasion - a birthday, celebration, name day, anniversary, or just as a thank you to a good person
  • Personalization option: on request, we can add an inscription, wish, change the image on the backgammon, and complete it with pieces of individual design.
    To add this option, contact us at +38 (073) 723 44 55, or leave a comment when placing your order.
  • Modernity: this backgammon will become a true decoration of your interior.
  • Practicality: the compact size and high-quality materials make this backgammon ideal for home use and travel.


  • Material: made of hardwood - ash, so it will last for many years, and the structure of this wood provides pleasant tactile sensations.
  • Design: the backgammon theme is the zodiac signs, Pisces. They are true empaths, dreamy, generous, and kind-hearted individuals.
    The outside and inside of the backgammon are decorated with the image of this sign: carved on the outside and burned on the inside.
  • Size: 50×23×5 cm - a compact size that allows you to easily take the backgammon with you wherever you go.
  • Full set: complete with epoxy resin pieces and a pair of dice.

Popular backgammon "Zodiac: Pisces" is not just a game, but a true work of art. Its elegant design, high-quality materials, and masterful craftsmanship make it an ideal choice for those who appreciate beauty and practicality.

Full set:

  • backgammon (1 pc)
  • pieces (15 light + 15 dark)
  • dice (2 pcs)


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Backgammon made of wood "Pisces", 50×23×5 cm, art. 193025

In stock
SKU: 193025
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SKU 193025
Type Backgammon
Board material Wood
Typical size 50×25 cm
The weight 1.9 kg
Board length 420 мм
Board width 200 mm
Pieces diameter 27х13
Pieces material Epoxy resin
Pieces lining Fetr
Color Black
Feature Handmade
Brand GrossMeister
Сountry of origin Ukraine

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